10 Reasons to use Gmail
1. Never lose a message again
Built-in Google search means you can instantly dig out any email or chat.
2. Chat immediately
Chat and email with the built-in chat without the fuss of switching between software.
3. Get less spam
Gmail blocks spam before it even gets to your inbox.
4. Mobile access
Read Gmail on your mobile phone by pointing your phone's web browser to gmail.com/app
5. 2.8GB (and growing) free storage
Even the annual contents of a major news agency might not fill that up. So you will never need to delete another message to free up the space.
6. Un-clutter your email
Gmail organizes and automatically groups follow-up emails under the source message.
7. Autosave
Saves to ‘Drafts' as you're composing. Never lose a half-written email again.
8. Labels
An email can be classified under multiple Labels to keep your house in good order.
9. Integration with other products
Gmail integrates with calendar, Picasa web album, Docs & Spreadsheets and many more. You can access all these useful tools through your Gmail account.
10. Switching to Gmail in a few clicks
It is easy to import your address book from Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo! and others.

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